Do you have any teleseminars or webinar tutorials available?

Listening To Pre-Recorded Teleseminars And Webinars

Voices has pre-recorded teleseminars available for download via the following link:

In addition to neat industry webinars, you can also learn how to create a wonderful profile, audition well and techniques for establishing a presence on social networks.

Power Profiles

How to fully optimize your profile. Are you getting the most out of your Voices profile? Could you be ranking higher, being found in more places, or booking jobs regularly?

Mastering the Audition

What to include in your audition. Expectations that clients have of you and why they cast based upon more than just your voice.

Marketing on Social Networks

Find out why social media should be a part of your marketing strategy and also how you can leverage it to build relationships, establish authority and get work. 

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