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Do you have any teleseminars or webinar tutorials available?

Listening To Pre-Recorded Teleseminars And Webinars Voices has pre-recorded teleseminars available for download via the following link: https://www....

Does location or where I live matter as a voice talent working online?

Realizing That Location Doesn't Matter Location is irrelevant. That's the great thing about the voice over business. It really does not ma...

I am an on-camera actor. Why should I try voice-acting?

Transitioning From On-Camera Actor to Voice Actor Have you ever wondered if the grass is greener on the other side? Some of Hollywood's leadin...

Should I join a union? Why or why not?

Comparing Freelance and Union Work Union Work Often perceived as a sign of professional status, being accepted into an entertainment union is like t...

What can I do to find voice work locally?

Finding Local Voice Over Work Here are some great ideas that will help with promoting your talents in your community: Deliver demo CDsSend post cards...

What is podcasting?

Defining Podcasting The New Oxford American Dictionary defines podcast as a digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available ...

Where can I find a voice acting class?

Discovering New Voice Acting Classes For a listing of recent Workshops and Voice Classes visit our coaches directory.

Ad Lib

A spontaneous spoken addition or alteration to a written script.


Automated Dialogue Replacement in a film. A process where actors replace dialogue in a film or video. A typical ADR session involves not only the reco...


AFTRA: American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. A union for Radio and TV actors and voice actors.

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