How Do I Upload a Project Image?

Your Project Image is an incredibly important part of your listing as it’s what will show up visually to represent your project when clients are searching the Voices website.


You’ll see the option to choose a default image, which Voices has pre-selected based on the Service you’ve chosen for your project; however, we highly recommend adding a custom image to really make your project stand out on the site and catch the eye of the client. Once you’ve found the image you want, save it to your desktop, and you can drag and drop the image from your desktop or browse your computer for the file.

We know it can be challenging to select the right image, so here’s some guidelines to follow:


Recommended image size: Please follow the size guidelines we’ve provided on the platform: .JPG or .PNG, up to 10MB, 4:3 aspect ratio, ideally 1200×900 pixels. To check what size your image is:


Mac Users – Find the image file in your Finder, right-click the image and select Get Info. A pop-up window will open with the dimensions of your image displayed in the More Info section. The dimensions show the pixel height and width of your photo.


PC Users: On a PC, right-click on the image file, look at Properties, and then view the Summary or Details tab.


Resizing images
There are many free online tools to help you resize your image to specific dimensions. Canva is one great tool and RedKetchup Image Resizer is very straightforward and walks you through step by step. There is a section to adjust your Aspect Ratio to our recommended dimensions, a section for adjusting pixels, and a section for cropping if necessary.


Image quality
Use sharp, crisp, clear images. Avoid low-quality images (poorly cropped, pixelated, blurry, stretched, or squashed images.) Using high-resolution, eye-catching images will help your project stand out to potential clients.


Number of images per Project
Voices allows only one image per project, so choose wisely and follow the provided guidelines.


Image usage and commercial rights
Only use images that you have the permission to use for commercial purposes. (More on sourcing images below.)


Project images must directly relate to the service you’re providing. Random images are confusing to clients and can lower the chances of your project being purchased. More information on choosing the right image can be found below.


Never share contact information
Don’t share any contact information in your Project image. This includes any website or social media details. All communication about a project must take place on Voices.


Do not use any text in your image
To avoid a cluttered marketplace, we ask that you not add any text to your image. Use the project title field and the project summary field to communicate relevant project information.


Make sure your individual projects stand out from one another
If you have more than one Project in the Marketplace, unless you’ve gone with the default image, each Project’s image and title must be unique.


Represent Yourself Well
If you’d like to use a photo of yourself, show yourself clearly and face the front.


Project images must meet Voices’ Terms of Service and Content Guidelines. If your Project image doesn’t meet these standards, it will not be approved. Examples include adult material or any other objectionable content.

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