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Content Guidelines

Purpose of the Content Guidelines

The following Content Guidelines are presented to help you understand the material that is posted using the Voices platform. 

Content Guidelines Apply To The Following:

  • The scripts of jobs posted either on the website directly by clients, or internally by our team.
  • Talent and Client profiles, including but not limited to text, imagery, audio and video on profiles.
  • The copy or content of internally produced material at Voices, including but not limited to the website pages, press releases, marketing collateral, marketing emails to customers, blog posts, social posts and more.

Applying The Content Guidelines

All content and media produced at Voices must adhere to our brand values and content guidelines. This applies to:

  • Job Postings
  • User Profiles
  • Usernames
  • Demos (titles, descriptions and transcriptions)
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers

Everything that is produced or permitted at or by Voices must be accomplished with the objective of making the world a better place.

The Content Guidelines

Voices’ goal is to maintain a professional marketplace.

Whether you are a voice talent or you are a client hiring talent, it is important to be aware of what is not allowed on our platform. Voices reserves the right to approve or deny jobs based on our discretion and from time to time may reach out to the client if more information is required prior to approval of your job.

In terms of the content maturity standard allowed, we support up to a TV-MA rating (unsuitable for children under 17) for all job postings, meaning if something can be aired on US late night television (after 10pm), it can go on our site. Our one exception includes video games where we support a mature 17+ rating based on Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) standards

However, content that violates the following rules below are not allowed on Voices:


  • All forms of illegal content are prohibited, including the offering of illegal services, unlawful speech such as slander, copyright infringement, and a guide on how to perform illegal actions. (All content hosted on or facilitated through Voices must follow the law. Ensure all content you may post comply with Canada’s laws, the United States of America’s laws, as well as your local laws.)


  • Self harm unless in a public service announcement and medical or historical documents
  • Threats to others (threats of violence to any real individuals, organizations and governments) 
  • Promotion of illegal drugs unless shared for medical or health purposes
  • Promotion of violence 
  • Portrayal of extreme violence or violence against specific groups (such as race or gender)


  • Using an AI voice without disclosing it
  • Impersonations (claiming you are someone you are not)
  • Misinformation including political, medical and defamation of any kind

Hate Speech

  • Hate speech including racism, slander, and defamation 


  • Pornography 

What Happens To People Who Break The Rules?

Usually when someone violates any elements of Voices’ service agreement or guidelines it is an accidental occurrence and guidance and a warning are given; however, if more violations occur this can result in account termination.

How Can I Report an Issue?

As the site is so large, it is impossible for us to monitor all activity and would appreciate your help keeping our community safe. If you find something outside of these guidelines you feel we should know about, please email us at [email protected].