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How Do I View Responses To My Job Posting?
How To Use Responses
How Do I Sort Or Filter Responses?
How Do I Create And Share Shortlists?
Can I Customize (White Label) My Shortlists
How Do I Download Audition Files?
How Do I Close The Job?
Can I Stop Submissions Before My Response Deadline?
How Do I Thank Talent For Auditioning?
I Have Awarded My Job. Why Am I Still Getting Responses?

How Do I View Responses To My Job Posting?

Through the Voices platform:

  1. Along the top navigation bar, hover over ‘Jobs’ and select ‘Hiring’.
  2. Navigate to your job and click to enter it.
  3. Select ‘Responses’. Here we’ll present to you the talent who have replied to your posting.

Quick Tip: Enter your job number where you see ‘Search jobs’ to be taken directly to your desired job posting. 

Through email: To keep you updated, you’ll receive email notifications as your job hits important milestones. You can always get to your job through any of the status updates emails.

How to Use Responses

Each response to your job will have additional options that are built into the platform for you. For example, when reviewing responses, you can:

  • Review the talent’s star rating, number of reviews and online status.
  • View the talent’s profile by clicking their name.
  • Listen to the talent’s response via the ‘Play’ button for voice over, audio production and music.
  • Or,  select ‘View Sample’ to review the talent’s translation response.
  • Review the talent’s quote.
  • Chat with the talent directly via the ‘Message’ button.
  • Add the response to a shortlist via the ‘Shortlist’ button.
  • Review the talent’s detailed Revision Policy and full written Proposal via the ‘Open Proposal’ drop-down button.
  • Remove a response from the list via the ‘Hide’ button (talent are not notified if their audition is hidden).

How Do I Sort Or Filter Responses?

From your job’s ‘Responses’ tab, there are a couple of different ways to sort your and filter responses:

  1. Use the ‘Show’ option at the top right of the page to only show ‘Listened’, ‘New’, ‘Privately Invited’, ‘Hired’, ‘Hidden’, and ‘By Shortlist’.
  2. Use the ‘Sort’ option at the top right of the page to sort by ‘Best Match’, ‘Name (A-Z)’, ‘Newest’, ‘Oldest’, ‘Price (Low-High)’, ‘Price (High-Low)’, and ‘Rating (High-Low)’.
  3. Hide responses you are no longer interested in reviewing by clicking the ‘Hide’ button - conveniently grouped with the ‘Shortlist’, ‘Message’, and ‘Hire’ buttons.


How Do I Create And Share Shortlists?

To create and share a shortlist, navigate to the job you’re interested in creating a shortlist for. Typically, these would be jobs in the ‘Hiring’ phase. Once you’ve located the job, select the ‘Responses’ tab to see the responses submitted.

There are two ways to create a shortlist:

Click the ‘Shortlist’ button next to the talent’s response. 

  • This will prompt you to create a new shortlist by clicking ‘+ Create Shortlist’.
  • Title your new shortlist.
  • Select ‘Create & Add 1 Response’ to complete the setup.
  • Select ‘Shortlist’ to add a response to your new shortlist.

Or, click the ‘+ Create Shortlist’ button. 

  • Your ‘+ Create Shortlist’ button is found under ‘Shortlist and Share Responses' located on the left-hand side of your page.
  • Name your new shortlist, click ‘Create Shortlist’.
  • Now when you select the ‘Shortlist’ button next to a response, you’ll be prompted to choose which shortlist you’d like to add the response to.

When you have multiple shortlists, you will be asked which shortlist you would like to add new responses to.

To view, share, edit or delete a shortlist:

  • Click the three vertical dots next to the name of the shortlist on the left side of the page.
  • Select the action you’d like to perform.

Quick Tip: You can create and share multiple shortlists with anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a Voices account. 


Can I Customise (White Label) My Shortlists?

The ability to customize (white label) your shortlists to include your logo and allow audition files to be downloaded is available exclusively to those who have paid for a Voices Plus or Voices Enterprise membership. Learn more about our plans by clicking here.

To customize your shortlist:

  • Click the three vertical dots next to the name of the shortlist on the left side of the page.
  • Select ‘Edit Shortlist’.
  • From this edit view, you can:
    • Edit the ‘Shortlist Name’.
    • Edit the Theme, aka branding. Choose from: ‘Voices’, ‘Custom’, ‘None’. If you select ‘Custom’, you can add:
      • ‘Contact Name’
      • ‘Contact Email’
      • ‘Phone Number’ 
      • ‘Upload Your Logo’
    • Select which ‘Talent Information’ you’d like viewers to see. Select from:
      • ‘Show Talent Name’
      • ‘Show Talent Rating’
      • ‘Allow File Download’
      • ‘Link to Talent Profile’
      • ‘Show Price Quote’
      • ‘Enable Voting’
    • Under ‘Review’, you can:
      • Edit a talent’s name.
      • Reorder responses by dragging and dropping them into your desired order.
      • ‘Add More Responses’
    • Select ‘Publish” to save your changes.
    • You’ll then be taken to a preview of your shortlist. 
    • This view includes a ‘Share With Others’ button where you can copy your shortlist’s URL.


How Do I Download Response Fies?

Downloading response files is an exclusive feature available for Voices Plus and Voices Enterprise members. Learn more about our plans by clicking here .

For our Plus and Enterprise clients: You can only download responses from your ‘Response’ tab if the job is in ‘Offering’ or ‘Working’ status.

Note that auditions are never to be used for commercial purposes, but rather for demonstration purposes only.


How Do I Close My Job?

Your job will automatically close at 11:59 PM CST of your response deadline date. At that time your job will move from the status of ‘Hiring’ to ‘Deciding’. You will also receive an email notification confirming your job is no longer accepting new responses from talent. 

Responses to your job are accessible after your job closes.


Can I Stop Submissions Before My Response Deadline?

Yes, you’re able to stop submissions early. To do this, click the 3-dot menu in the top right of your Responses page and select ‘Stop Responses’. The status of Deciding will then be automatically applied to your job.

Quick Tip: Keep closed jobs in your account (don't delete closed jobs) in case you need to access the responses in the future.


How Do I Thank A Talent For Auditioning?

If you’d like to send a short thank you message to a talent that has auditioned, you can do so via the ‘Message’ button that accompanies the response for that talent. The talent's response (and the rest of the conversation) will appear in ‘Messages’, found across the top of your screen if they write back.


I Have Awarded My Job. Why Am I Still Receiving Responses?

When creating a job posting you will have set a Response Deadline. Job postings will move to a Closed status automatically at the end of your responses deadline day (11:59 PM CST).

If this deadline date has not passed, the job will remain open to receiving further submissions from talent.

The job does not automatically close when you hire someone, as we provide you with the ability to hire multiple talents through one project.

You may wish to keep your project open for a maximum of 48 hours or if you find that you have received enough auditions ahead of your Response Deadline you can click the red, Stop Auditions button, closing the job.


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