Voices Plus

Exclusive collaboration tools to help teams complete projects at lightning speed.


Hands holding tools reach from off screen towards a file. The hands hold a ruler, penci, stopwatch, and microphone.
A list of posted jobs on Voices. One has a bright purple tag that says “Featured”.

Get Responses Even Faster

Get your jobs noticed with ‘Featured’ jobs.

Featured jobs receive responses 30% faster on average
Talent know to respond to Featured jobs first
A list of responses talent have submitted for a job. Each has a download icon, and one audio file is being previewed.

Accelerate Feedback and Approvals

Share your favorite responses easily and efficiently.

Download and share response files easily with one link
Preview the final project with downloaded responses
A shortlist of talent on Voices. In the top left corner is a spot with text that says “your logo”.

Share Responses with Your Custom Branding

Get a professional look that matches your brand by customizing shortlists.

Remove Voices branding
Add internal or client branding to shortlists before sending for review
An invoice, credit card, and phone with a dollar sign on the screen.

Flexible Payment Options

Pay Now or Pay Later Depending on Your Needs.

Choose the payment method that works best for you
Payment options include: credit card, PayPal, purchase order, or invoice with 30-day payment terms

Frequently Asked Questions

Voices Plus is an annual subscription plan that provides extra tools to help you get your project done faster with more flexibility. With Voices Plus all of your jobs are automatically 'Featured', giving you auditions up to 30% faster. Additionally, with Plus, you can download responses to preview how they’d fit into your larger creative project, as well as easily share branded shortlists with your internal team or clients.

After purchasing a Voices Plus subscription all jobs will have Plus benefits applied to them on a go-forward basis. Previously posted jobs will not unlock the additional capabilities.

Yes, Voices Plus is an annual subscription and your saved billing method will automatically be charged each year. Your renewal date is displayed on the Membership Management page in your Account Settings.

Yes, you may cancel your Plus subscription anytime. Requesting to cancel your subscription will ensure that it will not auto-renew on your next renewal date and your account will be downgraded to the free Basic account at that time. Until then, you can still enjoy the benefits of your annual Plus subscription. You can subscribe to Plus again, anytime.

Voices Plus
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