How should I accept client payments?

Getting Paid For Voice Over Work

Getting paid is the single most important aspect of being a freelance voice over professional, so be sure that you take time to do things in a professional manner.

Using's SurePay Escrow Service

We highly recommend that you direct your clients to hire you through's SurePay escrow service. 

SurePay is easy for clients at the website. They simply need to use the Hire button on your audition response to award you the job.  Their payment is accepted by credit card or PayPal, then held in a neutral bank account, known as an escrow account.  Funds are held until the work is complete, uploaded back to and accepted by the client.  Once the files are approved and funds are released, your payment is queued up to be issued the next pay period. 

Pay Day

Payments are issued according your your payment preferences each Friday.  You can select your payment preference (either PayPal or a Check in the mail) by clicking on your Profile photo at the top-right and selecting SurePay Settings here:


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