What are Managed Service jobs?


Voices offers clients the ability to use the site on their own (via Self Service job postings) or engage us directly in a managed services capacity (via Managed Service job postings). When a client works with the Managed Services team, we manage their voice over job for them from start to finish. Currently, Managed Services offers their services for jobs that contain voice over as the core creative element. They can also offer audio production, post-production, translation, and other services, so long as they are centred around a voice over job.

Some clients prefer to work with a Voices Account Manager that will provide end-to-end management of their voice over project. This includes job posting(s), audition shortlisting, casting from the client's requirements and direction, managing communication with talent, organization of recording or live directed sessions, managing revisions (if required), delivering final project files, managing talent payment, and most other requirements to complete the project. These activities inform the project management fee that the client pays to Voices. Both a Voices Account Manager and Project Manager work on a Managed Service job, so talent may interact with both. 

With Managed Service jobs, the client has asked the Managed Services team to work directly with the talent, but our team is not the end client. While our team often curates a shortlist of auditions, the client ultimately chooses which talent to hire. In the casting process, talent will be assessed on their suitability for the role, professionalism, audio quality, and performance.

Managed Service jobs are often complex voice over jobs that may include multiple talent, multiple languages, require add-on services like translation, localization, or post-production, and may include other complexities. As such, these jobs often take longer than self-service jobs. 

Voices expends considerable resources to bring these jobs to your inbox. When a client posts a project on Voices, it’s the result of hard work by our marketing department’s advertising and email campaigns, our developers’ design and implementation, and our sales team’s dedicated relationship-building efforts.  

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