Why are Voices.com staff posting jobs?

When Extra Help Is Needed

Voices.com offers clients the ability to use the site on their own (via Self Service job postings) or engage us directly in a Professional Services capacity (via Full Service job postings). When a client works with the Professional Services team, we manage the job for them from start to finish.

For various business reasons, some clients would rather not take the time to post a job, listen to auditions and manage the project. Instead, they choose our hands-on approach and engage Voices.com directly to complete the job for them.

Higher Project Expectations

When clients choose to work with our Professional Services team, they are receiving personalized service that is of great value to them. Their budgets tend to be higher in general than clients using the website on their own. Along the same lines, their expectations for what they receive from Voices.com are also higher than those of a self-serve client. It is common for a Professional Services client to require us to sign a contractual agreement to provide project management services.

All of this said, we quote our Professional Services clients based upon the amount of work required of us. This quote is inclusive of all end-to-end services we provide in order to complete the project, which could include copywriting, translation, audio production and voice-over, not to mention overall project management services.

You’ll notice that voice-over is one part of the client’s overall budget. That said, the voice talent fees reflect respectable market rates. These are the same rates posted on our website here:


We are a marketplace providing an offering of value to clients who prefer a full service approach. Voice talent can subscribe to open up more opportunities for auditioning and to find work posted by companies in need of a voice.

Voices.com has always been a marketing tool for voice talent where they act as their own representation to the client, whether it be a self-serve client or when the client is Voices.com working on a Professional Services job. 

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