How do I improve my Statistics?


Premium voice over talent have access to the Statistics section of their profile, which can be accessed here or by clicking on ‘Statistics’ from the ‘Me’ dropdown. If you are a Guest voice over talent and would like to unlock access to this page and other Premium benefits, upgrade here

While there are a number of ways to improve these statistics, here are some recommendations based on observations from Voices' highest performing talent:

  • Ensure your profile is 100% complete - the more complete your profile, the more likely you are to be matched to public jobs (available to Premium talent only) via VoiceMatch™, and potentially invited to private jobs (available to all talent). For guidance on talent profiles, review this FAQ.
  • Upload a demo for every category that you are competent and confident in performing - the more demos you have across each category, the more likely you will appear in search results (depending on the search parameters) and the more likely you are to be matched to public jobs (available to Premium talent only) via VoiceMatch™.
  • Avoid mistakes and be professional at all times - if you’re applying for a job and you’re the most qualified candidate but your proposal or profile is written unprofessionally, sometimes that’s all it takes to disqualify you from consideration. If your audition has audio issues or you miss an instruction in the brief, this can disqualify you from consideration as well.
  • Aim to audition as often as possible. The more jobs you audition for, the better your chances of being considered and hired. However, be sure to audition only for jobs that you are capable of completing well.
For an understanding of what strong statistics look like, please review this FAQ article.

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