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All members of Voices.com have a personal profile.

  • Your profile address is: www.voices.com/actors/USERNAME
  • Your Profile is where you can update your personal details and maintain your user preferences.
  • The email address that you have in your Settings is the address that your voice over job notifications will be sent to.
  • ​You can edit your details by hovering over the ‘Me’ avatar in the top navigation bar and selecting ‘Edit Profile’, making the necessary adjustments, and clicking 'Save'.

You can update your profile

Be sure to click the “Save” button before moving from one tab to another.

You can also update your profile through the Voices.com Android and iOS apps.



At the top of your profile you will see your profile image, your location, timezone, ratings and reviews, as well as a button for clients to click to invite you to a job. From there, profiles have three (6) unique sections:

  1. Demos
  2. About
  3. Vocal Skills
  4. Studio
  5. Reviews
  6. Testimonials



With each demo uploaded, you can add Accents, Roles, Styles and a brief description of the demo. The description is optional, but may prove useful to those who want to expand on the content or context of the demo recording.

Each demo that you upload can be added to a client's Favorites list to help them more easily locate and invite talent whose auditions they have enjoyed. Use caution when deleting demos, though: when a demo is deleted so are any Favorites attached to it.

By default your profile will show your top three demos, which you can manage by editing your profile (read this FAQ or more information). The demo at the top of your list will be your Featured Demo and will appear associated with your profile in search results. 


The About section displays mostly text information including your Overview, Service Description, Experience and Education.

Overview allows you to introduce yourself to potential clients. Here you should include a brief summary of yourself (feel free to add some personality) and your voice over career background.

Service Description outlines what you offer, including any additional skills or services clients may be interested in. These can be skills or services like translations, post production, revisions, copywriting, editing, mixing, mastering, music production, video production, multimedia design, or anything else that you can do that is complementary to your core voice-over skill set.

Experience includes your career accomplishments to date, such as any recent voice over, related projects, or awards you may have received as a voice actor. If you have a degree in a field unrelated to voiceover, you could still benefit from mentioning it! You never know when someone will need a voiceover recorded that is related to an area of work experience or personal interest.

Education encompasses the relevant training, education our courses you’ve completed, as well as any voice over coaches you may have worked with. Consider adding details about workshops you have participated in, teachers you have studied with and post-secondary programs you have completed.  You can also select any unions or associations you belong to from the list.

Voice Skills

The Voice Skills section shows clients what you’re capable of and is used by VoiceMatchTM to match your profile with client jobs. It’s important to select or include only the skills you are confident in and capable of performing (i.e. if you can’t perform in a specific accent, style, or language, don’t include it just to get more job opportunities). This section is made up of your Voice Gender, Voice Age, Language, Accents, and Category.

Voice Gender indicates which gender you want your voice jobs to be in, either male or female.

Voice Age represents the ages that your voice can sound like. You can select multiple ages, however, you’ll want to select only the ones you can authentically perform. Featuring demos that showcase each voice age you selected is also beneficial to those visiting your profile.

Language and Accents allows you to select all of the languages and accents you can fluently speak. Do not select languages or accents you understand only (i.e. can read, write or comprehend by listening). You’ll want to select only the ones you can comfortably and confidently speak and perform in fluently. You can choose up to 10 Languages on your profile and it is a good idea to include a demo sample to reflect each language selection. Your mother tongue should be selected first, followed by other languages you speak. You can also select up to 30 Accents from the pick list.  At minimum, you should include your regional accent or state that you have a neutral accent relevant to the country in which you live.

Category includes the types of jobs you want to audition for and be invited to. For example, popular categories include Business, Internet & Television, Radio, Text-to-Speech etc.)


The Studio section allows you to tell clients what type of equipment you use while recording. Clients want the highest quality audio possible, so showing them that you’ve got the tools to deliver what they want can make the difference when they are considering inviting or hiring you.

Turnaround Time indicates how long the client can expect to wait to receive the final files after you’ve been hired (e.g. less than 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours etc.).

Directed Sessions tells clients if and how you can participate in a live directed session. Select all of the technology options you are most comfortable with. If you have never used a specific technology before, it’s best you explore and try it before selecting it. For more information on Live Directed Sessions, read this blog post.

Microphone, Computer & Software, and Special Equipment allows you to give clients an idea of what your home studio set up is like, including the hardware and software you use to record and deliver audio. 


The Experience section allows you to share your past voice over work with potential clients. This is your opportunity to provide specific examples of the projects you’ve worked on and with whom.

Paid Experience indicates whether or not you’ve been paid to do voice over work in the past.

Project Experience tells clients about the past projects you’ve worked on. Try and be specific as possible. Again, feel free to add personality to this section, as well as any interesting achievements or statistics associated with that job (i.e. number of views or listens). 

Client List is your opportunity to list the companies and brands you’ve done work for. If you’re unsure if a client is comfortable with you including them in your profile (potentially because of an NDA or that client’s brand guidelines), be sure to reach out to them to get permission first. 


To complement the other areas of your profile, the Reviews section displays Compliments, Ratings, Reviews that you've received from clients after completed jobs worked through Voices.com. Your top three Compliments and three most recent Reviews will be displayed by default. Clients can click ‘View All’ to see all of the Compliments, Ratings and Reviews you’ve received. For more information on Reviews, read this FAQ article


The Testimonials section is your opportunity to show clients what others have said about the work you’ve done outside of Voices.com. You can type the testimonial and the company or person you’ve received it from in this section. By default, your three most recent testimonials will be listed by default. Clients can then click ‘Read More’ to see all of your testimonials.


For best results, upload a square image with equal dimensions and a picture of yourself that represents who you are as a voice over artist and business person.

  1. To upload your picture, you'll need to save the image as a .gif or .jpg and have it saved as a file on your computer. Then you will need to sign into your account and access the profile editor by hovering over the ‘Me’ avatar in the top navigation bar and selecting ‘Edit Profile’
  2. Scroll to the Profile Photo section and select ‘Upload Photo’
  3. Then you will browse your computer for your image file, select it and the path to the file will appear in the Select File box.
  4. Click ‘Save Edits’ at the bottom of the profile page. The file should now appear in the Profile area of your account as well as on your personal website.

Do I need a picture of myself to promote my voice?

If you have a professional headshot that you can use (and want to use) go for it! When you use a headshot, it's important to keep your photo current. You should have a new headshot taken every two to five years. The most hired talent on Voices.com typically have a headshot in their profile.


You can add basic text formatting (boldface and italics) to your profile at Voices.com. We recommend that you keep your profile nice and clean by only using it to highlight key information or help to separate your page into sections.

The following codes can be inserted around a single word, phrase or entire paragraphs. There should be no spaces between the code and the word beside it.

  • Code for Bold: *Your text goes here.*
  • Code for Italics: _Your text goes here._


When it comes to describing your voice, there are several factors that come into play, both creative and technical.

Here are some ideas to consider when getting started:

  • Listen to a recording of your natural voice.
  • Describe the sonic quality of your voice and voice type.
  • Ask a coach, your family or your friends for their opinion.
  • Make a list of descriptive words that best reflect your voice.
  • Think of what your voice inspires people to do.
  • ​Avoid using common terms such as deep, high, funny, and so on. Consult a thesaurus and find colorful words.

For example, your description may go something like this:   
Witty, vivacious and warm, the voice of (insert your name) is perfect for television commercials, telephone applications, and narrating children's programming. The graceful and subtle persuasion of his / her voice will gently and happily woo customers into purchasing your product.


Having a complete profile is paramount in attracting clients who use Voices.com to find voice talent. Your profile is evaluated on professionalism, experience, credibility and trustworthiness.

Additionally, having a complete profile ensures that you'll be found in the Voices.com search engine, a popular option used by many clients when searching for talent.

Calculating The Profile Completeness Score

To encourage you to complete your profile, you have a completeness score that indicates how much you've already accomplished, as well as what's left to do. This score is displayed as a percentage. For example, a score of 85% means that you've achieved 85 out of the possible 100 points. To attain full completeness, check to see what needs to be added to achieve a perfect score of 100.

Here is how the scoring breaks down:

First Name5
Last Name5
Profile Photo5
Service Description5
Directed Session5
Voice Age5
Demo Uploaded10
Project Experience5
Client List5


When editing your profile, you can select up to 10 languages. Select the languages in order of how fluent you are in that given language. Your mother tongue should be selected first, followed by other languages you speak.

Hover over the ‘Me’ avatar in the top navigation bar and select ‘Edit Profile’. From there, scroll down to the Voice Skills section and select the appropriate languages from the Language drop down.

For instance, if you speak English and live in North America, be sure to pick "English North American" as your first language. You should then add "English" in general as your second language, as this classification refers to any talent who speak English, regardless of accent or dialect.

Once you've selected all the appropriate languages, remember to click the “Save” button at the top or bottom of the screen.


There are a number of reasons that you may not be able to locate your profile using the search engine. To troubleshoot, ensure that you have checked the following:

Is there a demo uploaded to the profile?

Without at least one demo uploaded, your profile is effectively invisible to the search engine. To ensure visibility across a variety of searches it is a good idea to ensure that you have a short demo uploaded and assigned to a variety of categories.

Have you filled out the Demo Description and About Sections?

Both of these fields can be searched by keyword, so any adjectives and other descriptive words added to either field will improve search visibility.

Have you indicated where you are located?

If you wish to land local work, be sure to include the city of residence in the ‘Displayed Address’ section of your Profile (or your closest metropolitan city if you live in a suburban area). If travel to surrounding cities is possible, then make a list of them in the ‘About’ section as well.


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