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Managing Your Account

Making changes to your profile or account? Having some difficulty getting started? We’re here to help! We’ve outlined how to get started, make updates, go on vacation, and work through some common issues in the following articles. If you’re still having problems, please reach out to us directly.

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Creating An Account

Creating a account is easy! We’ll walk you through it and ensure you can get started today.


Having login issues? We want to help. We can also help you stop getting logged out automatically.


Can’t remember your password? We understand! Get your password reset and make sure it fits our criteria.


What is the difference between a Guest, Premium, and Platinum membership? How do you upgrade? This article explains all that, as well as refunds and receipts.

Contact Info

Learn what contact information is shown on your profile to others, as well as more about the vacation settings and privacy policy.


If you’re looking to adjust your email notification settings, we will walk you through your options and what they mean.

Site Guidelines has site guidelines for conduct and behavior that are tied to our Terms of Service to make sure you and others have the best experience possible.


Here we cover common FAQs such as our statutory holidays, removing your profile, and how else to get in touch with us!

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