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Getting Started In Voice Over

New to voice over and need help getting going? We’ve assembled some of our top topics and resources to help point you in the right direction. These articles cover everything from training needed to setting up your studio. The helpful links in each ensure you have everything you need before diving in.

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What does it take to get started as a voice actor? Click here for information and tips on how to get started using and resources to get started as a Voice Talent.

Demo Production

What does it take to ensure the perfect demo when auditioning on Here are some resources that can help you when you’re getting started.

Studio Setup

Building your home studio is a big part of being a successful voice actor. Here are some tips on software, and equipment we recommend to get your studio working.

The Business of Voice Over

Working as a voice actor means working for yourself. Here are some insights on how to build your business plan and information on how to have a long lasting career as a voice artist.

Marketing Yourself

Marketing yourself for voice over work isn’t easy and requires a multi prong approach. Check out these resources to look at how to further brand yourself as a voice over talent, your online presence, how to create a profile for clients to view, the kinds of information that clients seek when hiring a voice talent, and services that you could add to your voice over business offerings.


For any other questions you may have, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about getting started in Voice Over.

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