Areas of Demand for Voice Overs Despite Economic Downturn


    Join Voice Over Expert Bettye Zoller in her lesson “Areas of Demand for Voice Overs Despite Economic Downturn”. One of the greatest things about the voice over business is that it keeps reinventing itself. Why not reinvent yourself as a voice talent, too? Bettye helps you to rise above the doom and gloom and reassures you with facts and figures that voice over is close to (if not completely) recession proof.

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    Julie-Ann Dean: Welcome to Voiceover Experts brought to you by, the number one voiceover marketplace. Voiceover Experts brings you tips, pearls of wisdom and techniques from top instructors, authors and performers in the field of voiceover. Join us each week to discover tricks of the trade that will help you to develop your craft and prosper as a career voiceover talent. It’s never been easier to learn, perform, and succeed from the privacy of your own home and your own pace. This is truly an education you won’t find anywhere else.
    This week, is pleased to present Bettye Zoller.
    Bettye Zoller: One of the greatest things about the voiceover business and this is my 34th year is that it keeps reinventing itself just as we, voiceover talents should start reinventing ourselves periodically which I had certainly have done given the new fields in voiceovers to do new things.
    When I first started, voiceovers were primarily commercials mostly for radio and some for TV. We seldom did anything else. Then narrations started getting more popular. One thing after another happens. That’s why I have been saying since the start of this current doom gloom recession that I am rising above that. I have been around in this business a long time and I assure all of you, voiceovers are pretty much recession-proof certainly more so than the vast majority of other types of businesses.
    Although the advertising business was worse in 2008, according to a recent forecast by a firm called Fitch Ratings in Chicago, the year 2009 will be different because while it may be true that airlines; automotive, car rentals, financial services, hotels, and retail spending may slow, the popular magazine, Advertising Age says that other things will fill the gap. Projections from several advertising research firms show that while local television stations probably will show revenues down and the networks will suffer certain amount as well.
    Cable will stay strong as well advertising on special events. Narration is bigger and better than ever. The audiobook industry is better than ever. Internet advertising will remain strong and won’t stop growing, 2009 and afterwards is straight up. And just in 2008, internet advertising zoomed up 16%. So be sure and get your act together as far as doing voiceovers for internet is concerned. Advertisers will take advantage of great cable rates which will remain lower than network TV rates and so, we’re still going to have a lot of commercials to do for cable TV.
    And by 2010, most people say that the economy with luck will emerge from this so-called recession and internet advertising may account for 17%, nearly one-fifth of advertising spending. And film and video companies can produce for this studio media, another area of voiceovers that is going nowhere but up is telephone messaging. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal talks about voiceover talents who do telephone work for credit card companies because there is so much delinquent account calling to do.
    Scripts usually are based on the instruction from the client, the material is then fine-tuned to the company and the particular exact financial condition of this particular customer they’re phoning, you work from home and currently, the pay scale for this delinquent account telephone calling ranges from $100 to $300 per hour. It’s going nowhere but up.
    Do some research on the firms that are providing voiceover talents for delinquent account calling. This is another fabulous area. The voices of toys will not slow and toy manufactures very soon will be taking about Christmas 2010 and beyond, so be sure that you include some voices of toys on your demo. It always stays strong.
    The video game work, it is going nowhere but sky high. A number of national reports have commented on how the popularity of games always increases in times of recession or depression. Investigate the people who are designing games. They’re everywhere, little pockets of video game designers. Become friends with them and get on their roster of voices. The other thing is video games require a large cast of voices so there are lots of jobs to be had. And remember, there are local businesses who could certainly use more business. So, go say hello and take your voiceover demo CD and tell them you’re a voiceover talent and perhaps you can program their telephone providing sold on hold messaging so that people who call hear sales messages while they’re on hold. That’s a great idea.
    Maybe you can voice a commercial for the merchants. They might become a steady advertising account for you. In this age of specialized advertising outlets and specialized voiceover jobs, I suggest to my students that if their talent lies perhaps in video game voicings, do a video game demo. Anime? Do an anime voicing demo. Anime is a very special thing. Find out about it before you even think about doing a demo. It’s a very special type of read and a special type of demo.
    Audiobook demos are longer than regular demos. Usually, 6 to 10 minutes. Those who hire audiobook voicings want to know that you can sustain the read and you should put a wide variety of literature on your audiobook demo. Just a commercial demo won’t cut it anymore. You need a narration demo too, of course and be sure it includes some corporate training because corporate training will never end.
    A recent article in Marquee Magazine, January-February 2009 talks about a new field called shopper marketing which is this touchscreen technology. These types of products used to be called point-of-purchase advertising and it used a video that was looped and ran endlessly on a little TV in various departments in the store. That still happens but also the interactive video presentations with the touchscreens are getting more and more popular. A recent study by the Grocery Manufacturers Association conducted in 2007 shows that shopper marketing is going to zoom and by 2010, it will account for 17% nearly one-fifth of all advertising spending.
    Hope this helps. Bettye Zoller, voices
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    bettye-zoller-europe.jpgBettye Zoller is an award-winning voiceover talent in her 34th year as a worldwide voice talent and educator (voice, speech, voiceovers). She currently is teaching at universities accepting Guest Professorships and presenting workshops by invitation all over the U.S. and Europe. She is a lifelong educator holding advanced post-graduate degrees. She is a Simon and Schuster audio book author and voice (Speaking Effective English, a 2-CD set). In August, she’s guest professor at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC and delivers workshops at the NY conferences of the American Assoc of Theatre in Higher Education. She continues as the Feagin Guest Artist Professor at Tulsa University, Tulsa Oklahoma. Home is Dallas Texas where she is an audio engineer in her Voicesvoices Recording Studio.

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    1. Wise words from a real pro who has WORKED through past recessions/downturns. There is work out there, its just a matter of recognising opportunities and positioning yourself so you’re ready to grab them!
      So good to hear positive thoughts at this negative time.
      Thanks Bettye!

    2. And to think, just this morning I was feeling rather discouraged. You have given me new hope, Bettye! Much appreciated!

    3. Great the whole information, it is truly important to expand our talent in different areas of this business, it got so many new ideas of self marketing!
      Thanks and let’s keep up the good work.
      Mauricio Perez
      A Professional Voice!


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