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    Join VOX Talk host Stephanie Ciccarelli for the 2007 Voicey Awards! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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    Welcome to the official 2007 Voicey Awards, honoring some of the industry’s best voice talent for their skill, dedication, and contribution to the voice over industry this past year. My name is Stephanie Ciccarelli, your host for the 2007 Voicey Awards.
    This is the first award of its kind that pays homage to voice over professionals exclusively and we’re proud to share in this event with you via podcast.
    Categories this year include Best New Voice (pause), Best Male Voice (pause), Best Female Voice (pause), Best Personal Branding (pause), and an award for Lifetime Achievement.
    Among our honored judges are voice coach Nancy Wolfson of Brain Tracks Audio, voice over celebrity and author of books “You Can Bank on Your Voice” and “Step Up to the Mic” Rodney Saulsberry and Burbank’s oldest voice over recording studio “Fix In The Mix” producer and owner, Marc Graue. These judges represent several key elements within the voice industry including education, employment, performance, and audio production using their collective knowledge to adjudicate these awards.
    It is my great privilege to announce this year’s finalists in the categories of Best New Voice, Best Male Voice, Best Female Voice, Best Personal Branding, and Lifetime Achievement.
    On with the show!
    Best New Voice
    It takes a lot to rise above the crowd especially in a sea of voices, but, those of you who have been in this industry long enough already know what I’m talking about. Making it or getting your big break doesn’t happen overnight.
    Without further ado, the finalists in the category of Best New Voice include: Kara Edwards, John Small, Caryn Clark, Anne Swist and Dana Detrick.
    Envelope, please… And the winner is….
    Congratulations Kara. This is the first Voicey Award for Kara Edwards.
    Best Personal Branding
    While standing out vocally from the crowd is one thing, being able to brand and market your talent effectively is quite another. The finalists in the category of Best Personal Branding include Johnny George, Julie Williams, Caryn Clark, Jay Buck, and Bruce Barker.
    And the Voicey goes to Bruce Barker
    Congratulations Bruce. This is the first Voicey Award for Bruce Barker.
    Lifetime Achievement
    At this time, I would like recognize the finalists in the category of Lifetime Achievement. Dedicating decades of a life to the art of voice-over demands the utmost courage, talent, and perseverance along with a good vocal health regime. With experience ranging from television presenting, broadcast radio, vocal instruction, theatre, voice over performance, and film these candidates have over one hundred and eighty years of service combined to the performing arts and voice-over industry.
    These honored finalists are Gordon Gibb, Barbara Ann Davison, Bettye Zoller, Derek Partridge and Ken Jackson.
    And the winner of the Lifetime Achievement award is Derek Partridge.
    Congratulations, Derek. We are so very thrilled that you could be recognized for your life’s work and contribution to the voice over world as well as to those you have touched over the years with your voice.
    Drawing near to the end, we find ourselves face to face with the finalists for the Best Male Voice and Best Female Voice categories.
    Keeping with tradition, ladies first.
    Best Female Voice
    Working in a trade that has long favored men, these women have built brand equity, proven their talent and pursued voice over with reckless abandon, breaking down the old paradigms and opening doors for their peers.
    The finalists in the category of Best Female Voice are: Kim Somers, Deborah Cardarella, Rachel Robinson, Patty Mattson and Barbara Ann Davison.
    And the winner of the Best Female Voice award is Rachel Robinson.
    Congratulations Rachel. This is the first Voicey Award for Rachel Robinson.
    Best Male Voice
    To bring our ceremony to a close, I present to you five gentlemen who have asserted their place in the industry, dreamed big, and continue to push the limits and encourage their colleagues to excel.
    Finalists in the Best Male Voice category include Bryan Cox, Chris Fries, Ari Ross, Brian Haymond, and Adam Behr.
    And the winner of the Best Male Voice for 2007 is Adam Behr!
    Congratulations Adam! This is the first Voicey Award for Adam Behr.
    On behalf of all of the judges, staff at Voices.com and voice talent everywhere, I want share our sincere gratitude and congratulations to all of the winners, finalists, and people who were nominated for the first-ever Voicey Awards.
    We’re already planning ahead for next year, adding more categories and other surprises for you. Be sure to get your nominations in starting next January 1st, 2008. Keep subscribed to the VOX Talk podcast to learn more about how you can get involved and join our community of professional voice over talents.
    My name is Stephanie Ciccarelli. Thank you for joining us and have a great night.


    1. Great podcast! All the finalists were well-chosen and any one of them could have taken the Voiceys.
      Congratulations to all the winners, and kudos to Voices.com for bringing the community together in such a great way! (Definitely looking forward to next years awards!)

    2. Hi Stephanie,
      Awesome podcast! Brilliant Production too!
      Thanks for your continuous input of energy, enthusiasm and sheer thought into voices.com.
      Congratulations to all the Voicey Award Winners… well done I say!
      Being a newbie to the voice over industry, I thought it to be in my best interest not to enter the contest…maybe next year?
      Congrats again on your perseverance fellow voice actors!
      Blair Wilson
      P.S. Enjoy the Podcast Camp in T.O.!!

    3. Hi Andrew and Blair,
      Thank you for your feedback 🙂
      This year is just the beginning – I’m so excited (perhaps you couldn’t tell, lol). Congratulations to all of the winners and a special thank you to our superb industry judges Rodney Saulsberry, Nancy Wolfson and Marc Graue.
      This industry is really coming together – can you feel it?
      Blair, we had a spectacular time in T.O. Thanks for thinking of us at PodCamp.
      Talk to you soon!


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