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    SaVoa is the Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists. In this special episode, learn about the new voice over artist accreditation service provided by SaVoa with a message from SaVoa board of directors explaining how SaVoa works, its purpose and how you can get involved and recognized as a professional who is able to provide vocally and technically proficient, broadcast-quality voice over services.

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    1. Wow, who knew? I was very impressed with this podcast. I don’t know how quickly SaVoa will catch on, or if it even will, but it seems to me that if it does, it will separate the pros from the amateurs. I think it’s a great idea, but again, I’m not sure it’s going to make it. It’s like trying to take control of a situation that is already completely out of control… I wish them luck.

    2. Hooray again for for getting the word out about this professional organization!! I’ve been a member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) for many years, and can’t tell you how it improved my standing in the industry. In fact, some editors ONLY hired writers who were in that organization, first, because it was difficult to get into, and second, you were pre-approved as a bona fide travel writer with high ethical standards. I’m hoping this is what SaVoa will become. I’ve already e-mailed them my application. I hope they get hundreds more from your podcast!
      Thanks again!
      Robin Rowan

    3. I am a firm believer in the accreditation process and kudos to those who are raising the bar by establishing a minimum requirement for entry.
      While I am not qualified as of yet to seek membership, I am listening to the suggestions of the professionals and quickly realized it was not just having ‘that kind of voice’ or those cool ‘characters’ that one can do but is all about the art form that is acting. I am taking gobs of classes and workshops to develop the skills necessary to be a competitive professional in this industry. I would have interest in membership when qualified.
      I am also involved in other professional organizations (current day job) who offer similar accreditation programs seeking to hold its members to the highest standards of excellence. It certainly separates the wannabes from the ‘true’ professionals and has become the recognized designation when dealing with clients.
      Once again, I applaud your efforts to offer this designation to those who have achieved and continue to maintain the highest skill set in this industry.
      Bob Dreher


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