VOX Talk #67 – APA, SIGGRAPH, Everyday Storytelling, Casting and Noise in the Studio


    This week, we’ll hear news from the Audio Publishers Association, SIGGRAPH and a new business called Everyday Storytelling. In The Biz, Sonja Fernandes from Voices discusses what she listens for in auditions and Steve Speheger continues his discourse on noise in the studio and what you can do about it!

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    Links from This Week’s Show

    The Loop
    Ratana launches her new business, Everyday Storytelling
    The Biz
    Sonja Fernandes chats with Stephanie Ciccarelli about what she listens for in auditions and how voice talent can do all the right things to stand out.
    Tech Talk
    Steve Speheger continues his segment on noise in the studio.


    1. Good info.
      However, any customer who wants an audition that is finished work is not thinking, has never been to a live audition, wants something for free.
      Good ideas to remove noise. But a large sound studio for finished work is not that costly and is great for final work.
      Auditions that sound like finished work. No.
      Jay Beacham


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