Vox Talk #82 – Spanish VO Day at VO Atlanta, Simone Fojgiel, Expertos del VO, Backstage Magazine, Huffington Post, David Tyler’s Ultimate Voice Over Guide


    Have you heard about Spanish Day at VO Atlanta? Simone Fojgiel shares about the conference’s Spanish VO Day. We also have some exciting news about a new Spanish-language version of Voice Over Experts. In Tech, we’ll talk about those words that no one can pronounce – and the online resources you should be using when you want to pronounce every word perfectly. We’ll also zoom in on Apple’s recent announcement that it’s increasing the maximum file size of iPhone and iPad apps from 2 gigabytes to 4. Sounds geeky, but it has serious implications for the voice community. In Vox Box, maximize your creativity and productivity with some tips you can apply immediately. We’ll also announce the winner of the Ultimate Voice Over Guide contest.
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    The Biz
    Spanish VO Day at VO Atlanta
    Expertos del VO on SoundCloud
    Tech Talk
    Vox Minute covers Apple’s new changes to their iOS AppStore
    Pronouncing Difficult Words and Celebrity Names
    Vox Box
    Backstage Magazine contributions from Stephanie Ciccarelli
    Working Smarter, Not Harder: How Creativity Maximizes Productivity
    Who won the contest? Listen to find out!


      Thanks for sponsoring our event, for spreading the word amongst our Spanish VO Community on Voices.com, and for this wonderful show!!
      Un beso inmenso!

    2. I loved the Spanish podcast launch and the hosts were hysterical while spot on delivering an invaluable summary of genres that are currently hot for our Spanish VO’s. I Also congratulate my super-talented colleague and friend Simone Fojgiel for launching the upcoming Spanish VO day and enjoyed her message sharing what I know will be a game-changer for those of us who are Spanish voiceover pros. It’s an exciting time in the U.S. and Canada for Spanish voice talent and I’m thrilled that resources for our community are finally falling into place. As a bilingual talent I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy these resources for a long time but having them available in Spanish, with a focus on our Latino markets’ particular needs is a luxury. ¡Muchas felicidades!


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