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A voiceover for Esme Learning.

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English (British)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British, England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)


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welcome to this tour of SME learning the education platform built with you, the learner at the Centre. Learning with Sesame is an interactive experience and easy to use our people centred approach drives your success with personal coaches, tutors and live access to top ranked institutions. Starting at your dashboard, you'll see your course material with text, video, key facts and assessments. Here we introduce you to the course team and your fellow learners, as well as the glossary and personal progress. Collaborative learning is at the heart of what we do. The Rift Platform an AI coach super charges the interactivity of your online learning with videoconferencing and chat functionality to connect with classmates, tutors and personal success coaches. Some courses provide live training simulations to test your skills in real world scenarios, so in the end you'll not only gain a certificate of completion, but you'll grow a global peer to peer network. You can rely on the group Capstone Project strengthens team and leadership skills by allowing you to apply the skills you're learning to real business situations. The ESM a way of learning is human centred. Learners in my classes are 30 times more likely to finish the class than a typical online class due to our industry leading capabilities to ensure that what you start you finish are learning. Platform also provides content that's on the go, including features that work offline and on, such as podcasts and downloadable notes. You can take control of your learning and fitted around your life. The course remembers where you left off, allowing you true flexibility in choosing where and when you learn. Each learning milestone and collaborative interaction is translated into personal analytics to help you understand your learning and interaction style to help you succeed in both obtaining new knowledge and credentials and enhancing your capabilities. As an executive, you'll have a prestigious university experience at your fingertips with a certificate of attendance or completion and a badge to post on your online CV and linked in mhm. Should you experience any issues, you may contact the support team. Their details are available in the supporting block. Enjoy your time on the online campus. Mhm