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Chinese American voice over actress fluent in Mandarin

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Voice Over • Video Narration


My commercial reel showcases different styles such as hospital, cartoon, baby, savvy retail, announcer, and even narrator.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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Welcome everyone for Mandarin Press one from the moment you enter the soaring lobby of the johns Hopkins Bloomberg Children's center. Use sense that this is a space for sophisticated pediatric healthcare. It's that time again. A shopper's paradise. Black friday at Macy's. Okay. So frank that yoga guy was living with and paying all his bills. He left me for good in the new candy apple mustang convertible. I co signed some people say diamond is a girl's best friend. Edward jones we believe is a sound financial plan. The fiat spider. It's more than a sports car. It's an italian love story. 13% of the world's tea export is grown by over six million small scale tea farmers in kenya until recently they were paid in a variety of inefficient ways. GNC protein shake is all about the after. Welcome to baby Einstein today, let's look at the number two at target. We know you don't have to be in, especially material person. Let's face the facts here. Fashion is everyone's responsibility up next cupcake wars. Get ready for the harshest, toughest battleground of flour tossing sugar flinging, no holds bar. Are these speakers tough enough to challenge health? Oh, that's interesting. Pete the pink spotted pig sally had a very special talent. She could speak fluent pig more than one university of California SAN. Diego student has gone from the deep blue sea to space or is our science see your skin lit from within new based miracle. Hey dad, Hi, sweetie. I'm at the police station. What what happened? Nothing really. You're at the police station. Okay, well it all started at the tattoo parlor. Think you own whatever land you land on. You're watching the Disney channel. Don't go anywhere up next, Disney's Pocahontas creature has a life Has a spirit has a name. Mhm.