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    Baby Voices

    A baby voice can have a lot of variety, depending on the role. Some are realistic, with the baby voice sounding their age, while others can get outlandish, having the baby talk like an adult.

    The baby is a very young character who loves to babble and express themselves through sounds and noises. Babies express a wide variety of basic emotions through laughing, crying, cooing and babbling.

    Babies are usually content, happy even, smiling, laughing and cooing. They may make noises, like laughing or imitating sounds in the environment around them. Babies need things done for them, so they will communicate their needs through crying. Babies may cry because they want comfort, food, cleaning or are just overwhelmed by their environment.

    Babies can babble and repeat fragments of words they hear. Babies tend to repeat what they know, an example of this would be the repetition of syllables such as “bababa”. Babies can also say words if they are a little older, saying words like “mama” or “papa”. Babies find the consonants “p”, “m” and “b” easiest to pronounce, as these consonants are made with the lips. Other consonants may be harder for babies to pronounce. Babies also like words like “no”, and other single syllable words. Babies may shout these words and babblings to get attention or to express themselves.

    The baby is a simple character, often repeating his or her words and making many different sounds depending on the situation the baby is in. Whether it is crying because it needs something, cooing from contentment, or laughing at a silly face or a friendly animal, the reaction is predictable, genuine and easy to replicate.

    Typically, baby voices are perfect for when comic relief is needed in an ad campaign, cartoon, video game or more. Check out our wide variety of professional voice actors who can perform a baby voice.