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Storyteller, real , calm , caring , genuine , guy next door , familiar , rat pack cool ,
articulate , calming , classy , believable , friendly , confident , upbeat , young , soulful , danger ,dashing , edgy ,
Strong Commanding. Cool , confident , Authentic , Engaging

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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she'd give this snitch five more minutes. Onley three past, before the air whispered through the forest in her back, Nikki turned knife in hand, holding it hidden down by our thigh, Looking for May. The husky whisper drifted out of the darkness. You ball, She tried not to snort. Sometimes vampires tried on grandiose nous, as if eternal life made them Superman, which you guessed in some ways it did maybe depends. You got the money? Sure. If you have the information you promised, let me see the cash. First Lady Nikki reached slowly into our front pocket and pulled out to $100 bills. The States tried to grab it, but gee hold tight information. First he stepped into a bit of moonlight and grinned, eyes flushed with rand. His thin lips drew back, revealing long fangs Is he chuckled. I got something else for you. She sighed. Let me guess. You're not going to give me the information Assuming a creep like you even knows anything. Got that right? Confusion twisted his pale features as if he didn't quite follow. Then he grand again. But you share gonna give me something Came just money. Never trust a ******. Let's get on with a den. She took the bills back in her pocket. His grin twitched, eyes flickered. Following the money, he shook himself. Confidence coming back. She tightened her grip on the dagger. He lunged. Nikki used his momentum to fling him against the trunk of the tree. His head slammed into the painted red ax. Damn it! He yelled, quickly, recovering and charging her again. She waited until he was close, then rammed her knee and always grind. Not even vampires were immune to that pain. The snitch dropped, screaming obscenities on the way down, slamming her boot onto his shoulder. She pushed him onto the leaf strewn ground on Lee, a bit harder than necessary. Bending over, she let the dagger wink in the moonlight. You know, it puts me in a bad mood when someone tries to screw with May. Now here, your choices. You wanna live or die? She smiled permanently.