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    Vampire Voices

    Does your script feature a bloodsucking Dracula or Edward Cullen? Then you're in the market for a vampiric voice.

    Originating in European folklore, vampires are undead creatures who hide from sunlight, sleep in coffins, and have the power to morph into a bat. The vocal performance of a vampire will have an eerie, sinister quality, and may speak in a Romanian accent.

    The vampire is a fantasy creature who is parasitic in nature, as well as opportunistic. Most vampires have deeper voices, slower speech and more calculating demeanours. Vampires are evil, dark creatures whose voices sound menacing and have a tone of arrogance to them, being almost immortal with few vulnerabilities. Stereotypical vampires have a central European, usually Romanian or Hungarian, accent.

    The most famous example of a vampire is likely Dracula, a Transylvanian vampire written by Bram Stoker. Many films, such as Dracula and Hotel Transylvania, portray the most popular vampire. Other films, like the Twilight saga, portray younger vampires. In a horror movie, the vampire will take on a darker character, while in a children’s movie or a comedy, they may be more silly and affable.

    Vampires are considered romantic as well, with smooth and appealing voices with their love interest. Vampires may show disgust or fear at certain times, such as when encountering garlic, crosses or stakes. Otherwise, vampires are often cold, callous and calculating, having the immortality needed to plan their survival and continuation of power in their family nobility. Getting the vampire’s voice mastered may be difficult considering the nuance, but with practice, your portrayal of a vampire could make someone’s blood run cold.