Audiobook; Children's fiction



Excerpt from 'The Dream Catcher Rescue Squad' by Christopher Francis

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Child (5-12)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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we hide in the corner by the closet and Abigail's giant dollhouse. The carpet is Berber and it's not very thick. Plus it smells like dog hair. Did bossy boots? Forget to tell us this family has a pet. What if the animal sees us? Keep your voice down. Bossy boots is our dreamcatcher leader. She works at the HQ, which is short for headquarters. Her real name is Bebe, but we like to call her bossy boots because she's so well bossy. Destiny doesn't like pets. She told me once that a crazy dog tried to eat her because it thought she was a new chew toy Cats are the worst though. They are actually smart. Abigail enters the room and kicks off her furry bunny shaped slippers. She pulls her covers back and climbs into bed. There's a tear in her eye as she wraps her arms around a tiny doll. Oh no I don't want to go to sleep, she says to herself, I'm scared. Destiny turns to me with all of the powers. We have to turn bad dreams into good ones. There's one thing we can't do. What's that? I asked, help them fall asleep. Really? How long will it take? Just then the door opens and a large furry creature walks in. It's not a dog, it's a cat