Catherine Baird Animation Demo Reel for TV, Audiobooks, & Kids



This demo features four animation characters recorded in my home studio:
1. Princess celebrating her coronation ball
2. Bossy older sister preparing to see her crush
3. High-alert video game character exploring the demon realm
4. A goofy alien attempting to calm down

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Citizens of Wood Castle. Thank you ever so much for coming to my coronation ball. When I first became a princess. I had no idea what I was getting myself into new. But thanks to all of your kindness and compassion, I was able to learn how to become the best princess I can be. Thank you and let the festivities begin. Johnny's coming over tonight so that I can write his english paper for him. Which means that a you and the geek squad need to find somewhere else to play that stupid game. I don't care if mom said that you could have the living room tonight. Get out! He's here. All right. No one forget you're a thief. Era. Daughter of Glennis. Sister of the sightless. I knew it. I've read all about you. I'm so happy. You're real. My father says I'm not to speak to you. He thinks you're dangerous. You must go now. But come back tomorrow. My father will be gone and I will come with you to Kane and then you can tell me more. Good night. South Era scared. What? No, of course. I'm not scared. Why would I be scared. It's not like we're trapped in abandoned spaceship after responding to a mysterious distress call in the middle of the night in the dark Alone. This is fine. You're fine. There's no monster. Just your imagination. Come on. Think happy thoughts like warm pizza and doughnuts. Oh