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    Misunderstood Villain Voices

    The misunderstood villain is a character who is perceived as a villain, or becomes one, despite doing what he or she perceives to be right. The misunderstood villain character could be someone who has not committed any harm, but was slandered in the court of public opinion, a character whose actions led to an accidental death or disaster, or a character knowingly breaking the law for what he or she sees as a good cause, though the waters are muddied in this scenario when considering what makes a villain a villain, as villains are evil unless redeemed.

    There are many things that can lead to someone becoming a misunderstood villain character. Most often, it is an accident or a poor upbringing that leads to impaired judgement or a system of morally questionable, but legally permissible behaviour. These characters are sympathetic, often with a tragic backstory they share in their monologues. Some have grief as a result of the accident, others have resentment for the people or systems that wronged them. One example of a misunderstood villain character would be Doctor Octopus from Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, who worked on an experiment to create free unlimited energy, which ultimately led to an explosion that killed his wife and shut down his experiments. He later robbed a bank to fund his experiments, and sacrificed himself to save New York City after his experiment went out of control again. The few morally reprehensible acts done by his AI robot arms were done against his will, and his ultimate goal was not evil, though his methods to achieve it were justifiable in a pragmatic sense at best.

    The misunderstood villain is a complex character, and often treads the line between being a correct but flawed character, and having performed genuinely evil actions with evil intentions that are the result of a tragic or brutal past. Identifying such characters can be difficult, and doing so is often up to the interpretation of the viewer, but a common theme is pain, a noble or neutral cause, a lack of malice and a regret for doing wrong. Learning how to voice these traits, along with the general character flaws present in the standard villain such as stubbornness, anger, madness and disagreeability, you can voice a misunderstood villain character with dastardly accuracy.