\"A Dangerous Book for Dogs: Train Your Humans\" - comical audiobook



As an easy-going narrator and the quirky, high-energy dog, Bandit, Cathy Burnham Martin relays endearingly sage info to other enthusiastic canines (or their sneaky humans). Versatility is the game here with relatable, happy & articulate delivery from a fully believable puppy's perspective.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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Warning. A dangerous book for dogs. Train your humans with the bandit method. Warning. It is a vital importance that this book does not land in human paws. You may share it with all your canine pals. Of course, your feline friends may also enjoy gleaning a few tips. However, when you have completed your program, we strongly suggest eating or destroying this book, chomp it down, hide it under a large piece of furniture, bury it in the backyard, shredded into tiny bits and scatter them all over the house or take any other steps necessary to prevent your humans from catching on to your secrets. My buddy Allen asked if the pages of my book were dog eared. Ha ha! The answer is no, but I will slurp them down rather than let a human get a taste of this top secret info.