\"Animals on a Hayride\" from a chapter in \"Baby and Meow\"



This humorously quirky excerpt is from \"Baby & Meow,\" an audiobook narrated & produced by Cathy Burnham Martin. She deftly spins from narrator to a variety of amusing animals in this scene, developing animated characters ranging from snarky to sweet & conniving to child-like.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (US General American - GenAM)


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reminded the other pets. Do not forget to take the presence that I made you on this hayride. I want the old farmers to see them and rex to. Perhaps they will order them from me and I can make myself money. What gift did you make for rex? Rambo snorted at me, and sat down to rest from all his floor scrubbing mo chuckled, and put his sore paw to his whiskers, as if this would help him. Think! He replied. I sort of combined all your presence into something very sleek for him. What is it, Pebbles cried, stopping her work and staring at the wild eyed cat baby to halted her chore, and sat down near Pebbles hurry, tell us, mo replied. Wait here! I'll go get it and show it to you. Now don't forget to wear your gifts tonight, so rex can see them too, left his friends and went to the bedroom where he had hidden his valuable surprise. He returned with a big box and sat it down before the anxious pets. Rebel came hopping into the room from a side door. She saw the box got curious, and sat down with the others. Meo! Scolded. Rebel! We have been working like crazy all morning. Where have you been lazy rabbit? Rebels smiled before opening his mouth wide and displaying his big buck teeth. He said. I have been outside dragging sticks out of the yard while mr short mode, so they're smart one. I was not idle, but very busy, was satisfied now that he knew Rebel had worked also. He opened his box and lifted out his precious gift. It was a big ball made from carrots, cookies, string beans, eggshells and dried dog food. He held it up while the hungry animals licked their chops and desire to eat it, wow, baby shouted. That is beautiful! She meant every word that she said about it, how she wished mo had made it for her. Rambo nodded and then dropped his big, sad eyes. That rex is one lucky dog. I hope he will share it with the rest of us. Let me touch it, Virginia begged, and reached a long pause toward the decorated ball. No mo yelled, Do not mess it up. It took me hours to get it this pretty. I will put it back in the box so that you all won't be tempted to eat it. He lifted the ball back into the box and closed the lid.