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    Regular Joe Voices

    The regular joe, better known as the average joe, is a character representative of most people. The regular joe character isn’t too distinctive, fitting in with society and embodies all that is moderate. The regular joe character usually has a lower to middle income job, a family, a high school diploma or undergraduate degree, and a few good friends. The average joe character usually plays a simple role in the story, or becomes more than average as the story goes on.

    The average joe character experiences the usual struggles of life, and expresses the same emotions everyone else goes through. The average joe character may avoid confrontation, but when forced to address it, may develop into a hero, a villain, or something different, deviating from what is considered “regular” in the story. Average joe characters are usually background or side characters, who help the protagonist in his or her journey. The average joe character may conform either to the definition of “average” in the sense of how the movie or show viewer would relate to him or her, or “average” in relation to the culture or society being expressed in the movie or show.

    Regular joe characters can be seen in every form of media, perhaps not featured prominently, but they maintain a constant presence, even if they are mere extras or single line characters. Average joes can also be seen in real life, through observation of your environment.