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The Wizard's Trial, English, animated characters, transformation, roar

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Voice Over • Animation


A demo script I adapted from a cartoon from my childhood memories. Five character voices, the judge, the villain, an old wizard, and two children viewing events, unseen by the main participants.

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Middle Aged (35-54)




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It is with much regret that this council has found you guilty! Guilty of using your powers for evil, for personal gain, for corrupting your students and turning them to the worship of the old ones. For this, you shall be stripped of your powers and forever banished. Malkior as Lord Highest. It is your duty to carry out the sentence.
That's the storyteller, Lord Highest?
He must be the top one.
From this day on. You will no longer be entitled to call yourself a guardian. You will be known only as Valdmar. We can only hope, one day you will regret what you have done and return to us for pardon. Do you have anything to say?
My power is equal to yours! There is nothing you can do to stop me!
And you, Lord Highest will pay for this now! No!
Your evil shall never prevail Valdar. As long as this council remains to stand watch.
You have made a bad enemy, Lord Highest. I shall destroy you!