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    Monster Voices

    Do you need a voice that can spook you out of your socks? A monster voice can be deep, scary and guttural.

    The monster is an imaginary creature, which can take on many different forms. The most common monster is an evil, scary and non-humanlike creature. Sometimes these creatures can be humanoid too. They often make otherworldly or animalistic noises, not human in nature.

    The monster is a concept up to interpretation, as it is such a broadly defined term. It is best to ask the creator of the monster how they intend the monster to be portrayed. The monster could be more human in its expression, like the characters in Pixar’s Monsters Inc. or it could be unintelligible, like most of the monsters in the horror genre, which are more beastlike.

    Mastering the voice of the monster can take a lot of time, as there are various types of monster. However, the most common monster elements are fear invoking sounds, deep growls and roars that could make the chandelier shake.

    You might need a loud monster voice that scares your audience with volume, or you could be searching for a shy monster voice for a children's audience. Any kind of monster voice you can think of can be found here. Explore the world's largest selection of professional voice actors for your latest project now.