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in North Miami. The future of tech is now the city of North Miami has launched the Techno ME development initiative to position it at the competitive forefront in the race for new tech sector business and employment building on its existing industry strengths in 14 tech industries spanning advanced business services, advanced manufacturing, green energy and digital media and music production. The Techno Me initiative is a seven point plan to add 35 additional tech sector jobs in the city that spin off 340 new jobs in other industries each year, doubling its share of tech employment. By 2032 the city is forming the Techno ME Development Corporation to fund and manage the Techno ME initiative, an independent nonprofit community development financial institution. The T. N. D. C. Will be operated through a contract formed by the city. The plan will also create a tech industry advisory council including public private and community development leaders to provide the T. N. D. C. With industry expertise and secure partnerships with universities, banks, venture capital and job training service providers. The technology Development fund will be formed to provide permanent flexible multi source development funding, providing low interest loans, job creation, capital improvement and equipment grants access to new markets, tax credits, property tax rebates for high impact tech businesses and housing purchase incentives for home based tech businesses. The fund will be built with a majority of private funding including investment commitments from area banks, venture and equity investor commitments, support from local and national foundations and $250,000 per year from the North Miami community redevelopment agency. The Nomi Arts and innovation district where anchor institutions and companies cluster and connect startups. Business incubators and accelerators will be designed and developed as a walkable live work neighborhood with a unique brand identity, flexible zoning, coworking spaces and business accelerators, multiple mobility hubs and actively programmed event spaces to promote the district, the T. N. D. C. Will identify land for a public private partnership to create two innovation hubs, an advanced services accelerator in the arts and Innovation district and an advanced manufacturing accelerator in the city's industrial district. The hubs will be the one stop shops for business owners, job seekers and entrepreneurs providing mentoring services, access to funding and venture capital and job up skilling programs. The initiative will dramatically expand access to tech sector education and training programs by partnering with career source and local universities to provide targeted worker retraining programs hosted at the Techno ME initiative hubs working with the Miami dade school district to provide specialized high school study programs in tech Nomi target industries, creating a Children's college savings fund and build the Nomi apprenticeship fellows program to provide internships and apprenticeships for city high school and university students. The initiative will launch an aggressive multimedia marketing program targeting investors and entrepreneurs by highlighting tech industry development opportunities across the city. Its tech industry, business and labor forest strengths. The city's quality of life and detail the technology programs and incentives. The techno ME initiative creates new opportunities for equitable and sustainable tech sector growth. For the city's residents visit the city of North Miami website for the latest technology news and information.