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    Therapist Voices

    The therapist is a character who aids and counsels patients in reaching a healthy cognitive state, as well as with handling their emotions. The therapist character is an attentive listener, with a neutral tone and an open mind; accommodating patients and advising them without judgement. The therapist character is empathetic, and puts himself or herself into the patient’s shoes. The therapist character then provides advice and strategies for the patient to utilise in his or her life. Therapist characters are well educated and certified, ensuring that therapist characters are generally effective and professional; though that may not always be the case.

    The therapist character aims to have an open, inviting demeanour, which shows no judgement toward the patient; regardless of what is discussed in a therapy session. The therapist character has excellent communication skills and can read emotions well. The therapist character acts in a professional manner and has a highly trusting relationship with his or her patients. Therapist characters aim to guide and support their patients with unbiased, sound advice; and assist their patients in resolving psychological issues, or in the very least, mitigating the most severe aspects of these issues. Therapist characters are very sympathetic as well, understanding the emotions of patients who may feel sad, angry, scared or otherwise distressed. The therapist character acts as a teacher, and provides lessons on dealing with the emotions the patient struggles with; as well as teaching the patient affirmations that help the patient feel better about himself or herself.

    Therapist characters are most commonly seen in television shows as recurring characters. Therapist characters may be real therapists with their own shows, as is the case with Dr. Phil; or be fictitious characters, recurring when a patient needs help or another perspective, which is somewhat common in the sitcom television genre. Therapist characters may also show up in movies and crime documentaries or series. Therapists can be seen in real life, hosting their own practices. By being observant and learning to advise without judgement, you can master the ability of voicing an understanding and empathetic therapist character!