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did you know an average person could toss and turn up to 40 times per night? The average sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes, and there are five stages in each cycle. The most important part occurs in stage three and four. This is where our deep healing occurs. Muscle tissue gets repaired and memory gets consolidated and organized all foam, even expensive memory foam and latex. When you compress it, it creates a very hard surface. So even though foam contours nicely to your body, the bottom of the well for your hips and shoulders is actually resting on a compressed hard surface. That is why you experience uncomfortable pressure points on these sensitive areas of your body as your skin tissue falls asleep under these pressure points, your brain alerts the body to move and relieve the pressure. Every time you roll over, your sleep cycle is interrupted and resets back to stage one. Fragmenting your sleep cycles, which is why you often wake up feeling exhausted. Phone immediately. Start softening with use as much as 25% over the 1st 2 years. The foam under your hips in the middle of the mattress breaks down more rapidly because this area of the body is heavier and as it breaks down, it can no longer protect your sensitive hips from the harder surfaces below. And you're tossing and turning increases, the more the phone breaks down, your body needs both firm back support and relief from excessive pressure. If you want a better mattress, you need a better cushioning material than foam, and this is what makes in tell a bad different.