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British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) Scottish (General)


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welcome to your first day at Microsoft. We understand that it can be a nerve wracking time for you, but hopefully, as the day goes by, you'll be able to relax a little and get to know our culture. But don't relax too much. The last thing we want is for you to fall asleep watching this video. Believe me, it happened before when John from Accounting did the voiceover. The synthesis of TD is a complex and hazardous process, starting from the nitrate in of tolerance to die. Nitro told going to the reaction of Domino to Halloween and fostering proceeding to the distillation of the Taliban diamond mixture. And finally, the differentiation of the TD product to produce the required useful is a camera I'd like to discuss an issue we encountered while going over a project we're involved in. Do you have, like, some time this morning for a quick discussion? You should only take 15 minutes. Yeah, I think I know which project you're talking about. And I have some questions about it myself. Um, I'm open at 10. This morning. That works for you. Great. Yeah, that works for me. You know what I think you've been doing a great job lately and it will give us a chance to assess how you feel. Things have been going to and Trina has 10 items on her shopping basket and Stewart has six items in his. If they add all of their items together into a cart, they have 16 items in total. If they both then decide to put two items each back how many items are left in the cart? That's right. Together, they will have 12 items left in the cart. Welcome to the online real estate Senior Professional advisor course titled Ari 52 c. This court will help you prepare for the RM. 52 c exam. We will review the fundamental responsibilities involved in being a real estate professional, business management and strategy, the legal requirements necessary for real estate professionals and the skills needed to advise your clients within the realms of those legal requirements.