Voice Over • Video Narration

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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Well, who? Good morning. Are you ready for the boost? Are we gonna boost who were home? Give me the kick. Ah, yes, that's it. Ok. No, I'm good. I have a kid clock. Oh, yeah, We don't do keys, so I'm just standing here chilling on the street waiting for Dave to come back. Right? All right. See, here comes this shady guy, but I'm ready. Check out phase one. Bam Skilling. Everything Move, you thug. Let go. All right. If he doesn't let go, I get more aggressive like this. Yeah, And if he would take me, I lock all motor functions completely. And I'll send my position over GPS to the bike hunters and they'll get me back if they can't find me in three days, Dave gets a brand new bike for free. Oh, yeah. I hope he won't forget about me. No way. We have this special connection. Him and me. I recognize his phone when he comes back. So what do you mean? Of course he pay. Is that Dave? It is Dave. It's so good to see you, man. You were gone for so long