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    Warrior Voices

    The warrior is a noble character dedicated to combat. The warrior character is strong, disciplined and fearless in battle. The warrior character is specialised in combat, being more skilled and ruthless than a simple soldier. Warrior characters are seen most often in tribal and clan societies, holding an elevated position in society. Warrior characters are generally proud; and have an air of nobility to them. Warrior characters take training, combat and ceremonial fighting very seriously, pushing themselves to the limits. Warrior characters are usually male; though many cultures have had stories of female warriors, and there have also been historic female warriors.

    Warrior characters are often driven by a motivation to fight outside of conscription. Warrior characters are known to fight for power, wealth, praise or to satisfy their desires for bloodshed. Warrior characters can often be quite cruel, especially if motivated by the last of the listed desires for their service. Warrior characters are often part of rural or remote cultures historically, and can still be seen on occasion in regions such as Africa. Warrior characters are also present in fiction, particularly in the action and fantasy genres. Some looser definitions of the word “warrior” can bring elite soldiers, mercenaries or other fighters under the banner of the warrior character.

    Warrior characters are known for their strength and leadership in a clan or tribal setting. As such, warrior characters are seen most often in documentaries and television shows, as well as in the historical fiction, fantasy and action subgenres. Commonly depicted cultures with warriors include African or South American tribes, the Japanese samurai, mediaeval knights and vikings. To best voice your character, reading up on your character’s culture and understanding the accents and dialects of the setting your character is in can give you a firm foundation to start with. By incorporating the culture of your character and the qualities of courage, confidence and power into your voice, you can embody the perfect warrior ethic today!