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    Airhead Voices

    Do you need a voice actor to deliver the next iconic airhead quote? When you're putting the script together for your movie, ad campaign or "um, gee, hmmmmm, whatever else it is you do," you'll need an authentic airhead.

    The airhead is a carefree, go-with-the-flow, character, who tends to chase pleasure and happiness over long term goals. The airhead is very social, being friendly to everyone but not having any favourite people, keeping relationships relatively shallow. The airhead likes to avoid stressful situations or behaviours, and engages in relaxing activities such as the arts, daydreaming and partying.

    The carefree attitude of the airhead can be seen in situations in which there is stress, sadness, or other deeply emotional settings. The airhead will tell people to keep their heads up, and that things do not matter as much as the person in distress thinks it is. The airhead will try to be the life of the party and the centre of attention.

    The airhead may also be a dreamer, lost in their thoughts or focusing on artistic endeavours like singing, drawing or painting instead of working. The airhead also prefers social work, such as customer service, as the airhead enjoys human interaction, if they work at all. The airhead avoids conflict and follows the crowd, not being too controversial, and often lacks any strong or unpopular opinions. The airhead also doesn’t keep track of time, putting them in situations where they are unscheduled and unorganized.

    The stereotypical airhead can be less intelligent, late often, and can be clumsy. This character is often forgetful, disoriented, self-centred, lazy and shallow. This definition has been moved away from by self-described airheads, with the definition becoming a “carefree, live in the moment, pleasure seeking” type of character.

    Humor plays an integral role with commercials and often serves as the catalyst for higher ad and brand recall. You need a professional voice actor who can deliver that perfectly fluffy airhead line for whatever project you're putting together.