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    Southern Gentleman Voices

    The southern gentleman is a male character who lives in southern regions of the United States. The southern gentleman character is polite, intelligent, charming and usually comes from an affluent background. The southern gentleman is sophisticated and values order, with good social etiquette being a defining trait of his character. The southern gentleman character is considerate of others, especially women, and values southern hospitality. The southern gentleman is a patriotic and religious character, valuing tradition and faith. The southern gentleman character is well spoken and has a southern accent and drawl.

    The southern gentleman character usually lives on, or owns, a plantation or ranch. The southern gentleman character usually courts the southern belle character of another family. The southern gentleman character may be nostalgic for the southern golden age, which can cause values dissonance between the nostalgia for the time and his moral sensibilities. Some southern gentleman characters may treat their ingroup well, but outgroups poorly, such as ethnic or religious minorities; a common vice for the character, especially in historical settings. Some southern gentlemen characters have a polite demeanour but engage in immoral actions, which can be seen most commonly in the era of slavery in the Americas.

    The southern gentleman character may be seen in environments such as war or western movies. Most commonly, the southern gentleman character shows up in historical films, fictional or nonfictional, such as in westerns, romances, civil war movies or shows and documentaries. A more contemporary southern gentleman character would be the face of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders. By putting on a polite, sophisticated tone and a southern accent, you can make anyone feel welcome with your friendly southern gentleman voice!