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I'm Doug Haney. Debbie and my wife jane worked together before we met and I have known Debbie and Don for nearly 20 years. Debbie and jane actually conspired to get she and I to meet Debbie drover to the roof of our work parking garage to get my license plate number so jane could find out my name. Her company managed the complex. The rest as they say, is history and Debbie was a bridesmaid at our wedding. We became good friends, family actually. They were there for us when our Children were born, Michael and Stella. Michael and Stella actually came to know them as Uncle Dawn and Aunt Debbie. We vacation together and went on a couple of cruises over the years. They would come over to our house for pool, parties, holidays, and cookouts and we drank margaritas and Debbie would love to quote the cruise line motto. You have some royal Caribbean coming when we would toast So Debbie after a hard fought battle with this horrible disease that claimed your life here on this plane, you have some royal caribbean coming. We love you and miss you. Your kind heart and beautiful soul, your laughter, your smile, your humor and impeccable style will be in our hearts always until we meet again.