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Straightforward, Tell-it-like-it-is Finance Audiobook, no nonsense.

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Why is managing money so hard? People have lots and lots of reasons for not managing their money, some of them valid, but most of them poorly veiled excuses for laziness or not. Having spent 10 minutes on research, let's look at a few info glut. The idea that there's too much information is a really and valid concern. But Remi, you might say that flies in the face of all American culture. We need more information so we can make better decisions. All the experts on TV say this all the time, so it must be true. Sorry. Nope. Look at the actual data and you'll see that an abundance of information can lead to decision paralysis, which is a fancy way of saying that with too much information, we do nothing. Barry Schwartz writes about this in the paradox of choice. Why more is less? As the number of mutual funds in a 401 K plan offered to employees goes up, the likelihood that they will choose a fund any fund goes down. For every 10 funds added to the array of options, the rate of participation drops 2%. And for those who do, invest added fund options increase the chances that employees will invest in ultra conservative money market funds