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Welcome to the culture and people module of the bundle acquisition success Training. Your journey through the training begins here because the culture and people component transcends all the various processes and functions to become the leading dermatology company in the world we need leading IT infrastructure that will better serve us and our customers. That's what the agile I. T. Transition is all about and it's coming soon. Welcome to this instructional video which provides a step by step guide to using the umbrella to a dilemma mob pen. Make sure you speak to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist about the correct way to inject a balata before watching this video with true homes servicing digital technology. Your members can stay connected to their mortgage in real time and most importantly they'll stay connected to you their credit union. Many companies rely on preventative maintenance strategies to avoid damaging asset failure scheduling maintenance with a calendar based on a preset number of operational hours is a step up from running an asset until it fails. But is it possible that you're performing too much or too little preventative maintenance. Welcome to today's webinar While we wait for the event to begin here are some helpful tips to maximize your experience in time with us. Volume. The audio for today's session will come through your computer. If you run into audio issues during today's webinar, you can adjust the volume using the media player, volume icon si an orange blinking light on your pump, open the willow app to review any alerts and in this video we'll walk you through troubleshooting the most common issues