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what warrior returns to the anvil of apotheosis. Welcome back, Lord Arcanum. Castor storms Crier. You were dealt a grievous blow. Your very soul is diminished, yet your service continues. Your tale is not yet over. I know your tribe was peaceful and so on. But humans are not the war you brought here a while. It wasn't exactly going in your favour. But then that wizard Merlin Well, he had an idea. Your King Arthur. He had another brilliant idea was Ark. Use lime wash up in filth, Merchant, Catch your **** and pet reptile Yours over here. I would have words with your little beast face to face. So I'm a lop off his clothes on Reclaim waters! Mine indeed! A hysterical woman. Former Wu Knittig roaring outrageous accusations against respectable social architects and scientists. My God! Ours! Who would believe you? I scarcely believe it myself. Keep your ******* head down! What's the right flank? Mounted gun! Move! Rates! Move right! ****! BMP get to cover Blackburn! ****! They go! Blackburn 14! Blackburn is down! Repeat, man down