WW1 Soldier Documentary



Documentary on life for a WW1 soldier

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take a look at this piece of paper. It's a certificate, and it states that the owner is free, both vermin and scabies. Soldiers need toothy certificates before being allowed to go out the line. Keeping clean or being stationed in the trenches could be a challenge, and sometimes Russians were so scarce the men would keep a small drop of tea in the bottom of the cups uses water for shaving. Military Russians varied, but we're likely to include corn, beef, tinned meat or vegetable stew and the's biscuits. There were large, big square biscuits, like the dog biscuits that you see today. They were nutritious on, in many cases, replace bread, which was very, very scarce. Many of the young men who enlisted came from the slums of the big cities. And even though our soldiers Russians weren't particularly luxurious, some of them would have been better fared in the army thin they were home