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    The interviewer is a character who asks questions in a variety of settings. The interviewer character asks questions during job or university vetting processes, in news and reporting settings, in law enforcement settings, such as during interrogations of suspects or questioning witnesses, and during the process of interviewing someone for a podcast or show.

    The interviewer character can have various attitudes depending on the topic discussed and the environment he or she is interviewing in. In a job or education setting, the interviewer character asks questions to identify traits and assets in a prospective applicant. In a news reporting setting, the interviewer character may interview numerous experts on topics, and ask for opinions, forecasts and thoughts on the ramifications of real world events or policies. In a police interrogation of a suspect, the interviewer character utilises various psychological tools, apply pressure when needed and gets critical information regarding the case. In all of these scenarios, the interviewer character often has a plan or routine on which questions should be asked, with enough area for improvisation if an unexpected response or new information arises. The interviewer character is very good at controlling the flow of the conversation without being overbearing, and regularly gets his or her questions answered in a quick, concise manner.

    The interviewer character can be seen in many forms of television and film, such as in documentary, reporting, crime or historical media genres, as well as in podcast or talk show media formats. If you are interested in voicing an interrogator, there are also videos of police interrogations released online. The interviewer character may speak in a different manner according to the genre and attitude of a show, however all interviewer characters are tactful and concise in speech, and ask questions in such a way they get the answers they desire. By learning how to be observant and pose good questions, you, too, can play a sharp interviewer character.