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The informational scripts from my demo are based on topics I care deeply about, including sports, music, and animals.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American, US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes)


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there are many differences between road cycling and mountain biking. One of the biggest obstacles. When you're on the trail, you'll encounter plenty of rocks, roots, and bumps when you do, it's important to float over them. In other words, steady your pedals, relax your arms and allow your bike and body to absorb the shock. A vegan diet is low in fat, which helps you maintain a healthy weight and high and essential nutrients that can boost organ function. But vegan food doesn't taste good. Right wrong. In fact, most people find they enjoy vegan food more than animal based food. Why? It's all about the flavors. You can find foxes on every continent except Antarctica in case you're wondering, that's pretty uncommon, especially for mammals. One of the reasons for their ubiquity, foxes can eat just about anything from berries to worms, rabbits, birds and frogs. They're also exceptionally skilled hunters. Bob. Dylan is the greatest lyricist in the history of american music. The poet laureate of rock and roll and the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature. But Dylan isn't just a wordsmith, he's also a musical genius who has constantly innovated across multiple genres, including folk, blues and rock and roll. Yeah,