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There's a Dinosaur on the 13th Floor (Children's illustrated book)

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I voice the narrator in my own accent, Mr Snore is Spanish and The Porter is English.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


England - East (East Anglia, Cambridge, Hertfordshire), Irish Eastern (Leinster, Dublin), Spanish


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
There's a dinosaur on the 13th floor by Wade Bradford Illustrated by Kevin Hawks Narrated by Brian Quinn. Welcome to the share More hotel, said the porter. You must be Mr Snore. Let me show you to your room. The sooner, the better said Mr Snore. I am very Ooh, sleepy. Here you are said the porter room 104 Sweet dreams Mr Snore Mr Snore Thanks. The porter got ready for bed, crawled under the covers and switched off the light. But as he was about to lay his head on the pillow, he heard a squeaking sound. Hello? Front esque. This is Mr A Snore in room 10 for somebody is sleeping on my bill. Oh, yes, that would be the mouse, said the porter. I believe he's at a very long day. So have I grumbled. Mr. Porter and I do not wish to share a room with a mouse. So the porter lead Mr Snore Toe a room on the second floor. Sleep tight, Mr Snore. Mr. Snore crawled into bed and switched off the light But justice he was falling asleep. He felt a rush off cold air. Mr Snore called the front desk again. Someone is hogging all the covers. That would be the pig, said the porter. Shall I bring you another blanket? Hello, Mr Snore fumed. I want another room. So the porter took Mr Snore to the third floor, where there were no pigs or mice to be found. Mr. Snore kicked off his slippers, crawled into bed and was just about to close his eyes When drip, drip, rip. Sorry about the leaky ceiling, said the porter as Mr Snore marched past the Sea View on the fourth floor. This time, declared Mr Snore, I will find my own room. He found one on the fifth floor. I didn't think you were like this room, whispered the porter. Unless, of course, you're fond of a spy. There's cried, Mr Snore. Quick, said the porter to the lift. How'd you feel about bees? Ask the porter the same way I feel about spiders. Police skip the sixth floor. The seventh floor was too hot. The eighth floor too cold. The ninth floor was just giraffes cried. Mr Snore, the porter smiled. Would you care to guess what's on the 10th floor? On the 10th floor, they found hamsters where are the rest of the giraffes past Mr Snore on the 11th floor, said the porter. Then I will stay on the drift, said Mr Snore. So they went to the 12th floor. Okay, it's empty, said Mr Snore. Now, whenever stays here, explained the porter, Perfect said Mr Snore, and he lay down and shut his eyes. It does tend to get a bit noisy, warned the porter, but Mr Snore was already fast asleep. Mr. Snow rang the front desk. I cannot sleep with all this noise. I'm goingto find a room on the 13th floor. Oh, dear, no, said the porter on the 13th floor. There's that click. There were no mice, no pigs, no penguins, no snakes, no spiders, no dolphins, no bees and no giraffes. Not even a hint of a hamster. Nothing but a giant room with a giant bed on a giant pillow. I do hope Mr Snore will be all right, said the porter, wearing a ring with the phone at the front desk of the Share More Hotel. This is the dinosaur on the 30th floor. Somebody is sleeping on my pillar, the porter side. That would be Mr Snore, he said. He's had a very long day