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    Grumpy Old Man Voices

    The grumpy old man is an elderly male character who is cynical and easily irritated. He is also quite pessimistic about the future, and can be very selfish. The grumpy old man often complains about his circumstances, and he criticises others frequently. He relishes in criticising young people, and may go on tangents about how they whine a lot, are lazy, or say life is too easy on them. The grumpy old man is often uncharitable, and is greedy in regards to his property.

    The grumpy old man can develop somewhat as a character, though often he is a side character with little development, or he was not intended to develop at all. In situations where the character does develop, it is often because he is forced to experience something from another person’s point of view. In other scenarios, he could be confronted with what his legacy will be when he has died. In these situations, the grumpy old man character may have a total change of heart and become an upstanding member of the community, or in the very least, become more considerate of others. This redemption arc is seen most commonly in holiday films.

    Some examples of grumpy old man characters are the Grinch, who wishes to steal Christmas and harbours enmity toward the Whos, but later has a change of heart and returns all he has stolen, as well as Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol, who undergoes a similar transformation when he sees what his legacy will be and the fate of those around him. Another example of a grumpy old man is Grandpa Simpson from the Simpsons. Regardless of which form of grumpy old man you’re voicing, with enough practice, you can make sure those whippersnappers keep off your lawn with a grumpy old man voice that shouldn’t be sneezed at.