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A sports fan going on a rant.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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look, we get it, we get that it's special. We get that there's no other team in sports like it because we get that it's more than a team and we get the stress, the years that could have been, should have been decade after decade, they're so freaking close. And we get that some of you might not remember that or some maybe weren't aware of it because we get that it's all behind us because we get what it's like to win and the expectations that come with it And How No one knows what to expect this year. We get it because we are it and we obsess over it as much as you do and we get that you're new and we get that were new and you're still getting to know us, but we're going to get you all the games, pre games, post games interviews behind the scenes and everything else we can possibly get. So you can get that, we get it because we get it all of it.