Jay Myers -- Fantasy Audiobook -- Atmospheric, Immersive, Storytelling

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An immersive and sprawling fantasy novel.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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they made it to the pier and slowed to a light jog as the darkness settled in around them, tally snagged her black cloak out of his hands to put it on as they walked cove in, decided to take off the black apron and handed it back to her. You really should keep this on, she told him refusing to take it. What's wrong with the shirt I have on? He asked. It's a kumara smock. It's a traditional dress shirt for really old ladies. My mother is probably too young to wear it. She laughed. Covid scowled. He would have to find something else, he supposed. But the thing was comfortable. They passed row after row of docked ships and fishing vessels as they wrapped around the pier to the east, trying to get to the sun bridge. The young lady's calmness surprised cove in. Once you show me to the Sun Bridge, I think it should be safe for you to circle back home. Sorry for pulling you along. I didn't want the green coats detaining you on my account, That's fine. Probably worth it for the look on my mother's face alone. Anyway. The bridge is just up ahead, she replied. She had a serenity about her that made cove in think. She was seldom afraid. When they reached reapers bay. The water was caked in blackness beyond the reach of the pier lanterns, but the waves pounded in at the shore. It flushed between the rocks and out again in a returning clash. The bay had constantly choppy water and jagged black rocks on both sides of the shore boats could easily be grounded or capsized when they neared the end of the pier and the last of the boats. The bridge came into view up overhead cove! In over here! A voice in the darkness called out from one of the last ships in the water. He turned to see Fan stepping off the longbow drafting boat. He strode across the docking plank waving. He had made good time and already found a boat cove in thought when he stepped out onto the main rocky pier closer in view, Covid felt tally back away. We need to go, she whispered urgently. From behind. What's wrong, coven asked. He's not who he says he is. Trust me! She muttered something wrong, Cezanne. I was just leaving to look for you, san asked, obviously noticing covens hesitation. Thanks for your help back there. But I think I can find my way. Good luck to you. Fan! Fan stepped into the pier light, and Covid realized he had a short sword in his hand. He gently tapped the metal buckle on his boots with the sword tip, and two more men emerged from the boat's cabin. Now, Cezanne, you need to come with us now, then, insisted with a malicious tone. Covid measured up the newcomers. The last man off the ship was the most dangerous by far. His sword still sheathed. He crossed the gangplank in a smooth saunter and Covid could tell. He was light on his feet when they rush. Don't run just back away so you don't get hit, he said in a muted breath to the young woman. He glanced to see her nod. Then he spoke to Fan fan buddy. What's going on? I'm not armed, and I won't tell anyone that I saw you take this boat. Trust me, he told him holding his hands out to prove he didn't have a weapon.