Demo audition for The Dips Audio Book...



Narration voice and 2 or 3 other voices...

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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turn around, Seek said. Hands down. Zeke slipped a burlap bag over spoons head duct taped it tight around his neck. I don't want to die, man, Spoon said, weeping. The buffed gal grabbed the high pressure sprayer and covered spoon head to toe with water and soap. Spoon slumped over, please. He begged. Because your friend Zeke said, You'll have a chance here. Spoon raised his head a little. What chance? Zeke dropped a handful of quarters on the wet concrete. They clanked and bounced and ruled in all directions. Spoon recognized the sound. That's enough to rinse and scores. Shammy, Zeke said. Three blocks north, next to a trash can, you'll find some clothes. Might want to hurry before the homeless find it. Oh, I'm hoping to hear all about it in your next song. Nice to meet your Ringo. Don't go, man. I need help here, Spoon said. Zeke and the others hopped in the van. Both the van and the car hauler drove off, Dammit, Spoon said, his eyes burning like hot embers. He struggled to get the tape from around his neck. He jumped and jerked with rage, finally uncork the burlap bag and threw it against the corrugated partition of the car wash. I'm a Hollywood producer. You can't mess with me. Spoon scraped up the coins by feeling as his burning eyes were of little help. An old lady in her late seventies when happy for no reason, walked by pushing her handy food cart. She suddenly spotted spoon and his naked antics. Oh my, the old lady said. Spoon spotted her tool here. You what? She said. Let me be. I must go. Can you spray me off? Spoon said. Please. Well, she said, a bit concerned. I need you, Spoon replied. She blinked her eyes a few times. Are you sure you're talking to me? Well, yes, Spoon pleaded. Spray me off. It's you and me like old times, please. Where your clothes, young man. The lady was curious and pushed her food cart a bit closer. God took him from me, he yelled. Is a cramped quarters into the washing controls, Then flip the knob to rinse sugar. Hit the trigger. Let her rip. I need you. It's your moment, Please. Well, can I do it? She replied. Nothing to it, Spoon said. Grab and squeeze. You've done it before. Well, all right then, she said, grabbing the spray wand and hitting the trigger. Her eyes widen as all of spoon was suddenly revealed. Oh, my, she said to herself. Get it all, Han Spoon said, rotating his body around. To make it easier for her, she let loose a childlike giggle. Thistles. The most entertainment I've had since Hal died happy to be a service, Spoon said, racing to the sham in machine. Which way is north? He asked as the shammy dropped out for him to grab, she pointed, not able to take her eyes off spoons. Significant presence. You have a car? He asked. Was six years ago? I did, she replied. You want to come around for soup. Spoon ripped the shammy from its package that a quick drying then covered his jewels. He took off running. Call 911 Garland. Tell Sheila where I am. I owe you. I'll be back for that soup. Hope you enjoy the show. I certainly did, she said. Wait'll I tell the girls Who's Sheila Spoon jog down the street getting plenty of catcalls. Enjoy the parade, folks. Enjoy it all. Spoon sued, lifting the shammy high in the air